We are third generation trappers that have trapped the woods and fields of Maine all of our lives. Trapping has been a sport, a job ?a passion, and a way of life for us since we were old enough to set a trap. Being licensed Maine animal damage control agents and lifelong fur trappers we will share all the knowledge we have gained from the field and trappers before us. On our wall tent trips we provide food and everything needed to run a productive wilderness trapline. You can take home as much of the fur from the week as you like and we can also ship it to you or the tannery of your choice.

Marten and fisher long line -Maine is an amazing place to be a trapper as we have a 3.5 million acre playground in the North Maine Woods. We run 6 day pine marten and fisher wall tent trips in this area plentiful with fur and hunting opportunities. On these trips our main focus is pine marten and fisher but there are many opportunities to set for coyote, fox, beaver, otter, bobcat, muskrat and mink. Our camp is set up much like our moose camp out of wall tents. We can skin and put up fur every night next to a warm fire. This trip is as close to an Alaskan trapline as you will find in the lower 48. We supply all the gear. You will only need a Maine trapping license, some good waders, and clothing, we will take care of all transportation quality food and lodging. Buy a hunting license and hunt the abundant grouse population along with over the counter buck tag at a chance to find a big woods buck that commonly weigh over 200lbs dressed.

Otter and beaver longline- along with our marten and fisher focus lines we run otter and beaver road lines in beautiful down east Maine. The population in this area is one of the highest in the united states. We will travel upwards of 100 miles a day running over 100 traps in rural roads of south east Maine. Miles of low trapping pressure and muddy bottomed streams leading to the Atlantic Ocean create perfect habitat for otter, beaver, and other water fur-bearers.

Canine longline- Depending on the week we will either be in northern Maine out of wall tent or in ?coastal Maine farm country running 100 or more foot hold traps for red fox, coyote, bobcat, fisher, grey fox and raccoon. We will have all prior permissions lined up and the legal gear to make for a exciting week riding shotgun on a Maine trapline for canines and cats.







Marsh River Outfitters offers a variety of hunts, fishing trips and packages to fit your needs. Maine Moose Hunting, black bear hunting, deer hunting, turkey hunting, waterfowl hunting as well as freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities.
Guided Bear Trapping

W/ Lodging & Food

We guarantee every hunter 2 active bait sites that have been baited with quality bait from the start of bait season and no skimping on bait throughout.

6 day - $2000.00

3 day - $1200.00

Fully Guided

Trapping Longline

  • Oct 27- Nov 3 otter longline
  • Nov 3 – Nov 10 otter/marten fisher longline
  • Nov 10 – Nov 17 marten fisher longline
  • Nov 17 – Nov 24 marten fisher longline

$500 per each additional person.


Fully Guided

Mid-Coast Maine Canine

  • Oct 13- Oct 20 canine longline
  • Oct 20- Oct 27 canine longline

$500 per each additional person.


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