Sea Duck Hunting

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Maines rugged and rocky coastline is home to some of the best gunning for the famous and beautiful sea ducks including Common eiders, surf scoters, white-winged scoters, common scoters, and old squaws (Longtails). Here at Marsh River Outfitters we are situated right in the middle of maine?s best feeding areas for sea ducks. We have the ability to chase migrating and resident sea ducks from our sea worthy Bankes Goliath, along with famed Maine Ledge hunting and bankes layout boats. Depending on the weather we will use all three of these methods along with puddle-diver duck and sea duck hunt combos. On our puddle and diver duck hunts we will chase Black ducks, common goldeneyes, buffleheads, mallards, red-breasted and common mergansers. We also offer hunts on Cape Cod, Massachusetts the two weeks of our season for customers wanting to hunt the sandy dunes of the cape with options such as atlantic brant.

What's Included

Your three day hunt includes lodging in a coastal appartment right on belfast bay in Belfast, Maine and a lobster dinner during your stay.

Safety is our primary concern and dates lost due to weather will be credited towards a future hunt


  • Dates for Maine (Nov 11- Jan 18)
  • Dates for Mass ( Jan 15- Jan 25)
  • Pricing for Maine -3 day hunt with lodging $1200
  • 3 day hunt no lodging 1100 per person
    • minimum 2 people and maximum 4
  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts – $400 per person per day minimum 2 days
Looking for the hunt of a lifetime?


Reach out to us for openings or questions. Thank you for your interest.


177 Jackson Road

Monroe, Maine 04951